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Of Cartwheels, Wagons and Wonderings… thoughts and Reflections for the moment


I personally believe we are in a ‘JOSEPH’ season. There is what I will like to refer to as a Joseph company.

The name Joseph means add on or increase…as I meditated on his life before becoming PM, Joseph seemingly was in a place of decrease. It seemed he lived contrary to the prophetic symbolism of His name.  However looking as ‘the ways of the Spirit’ constraint and emptying is in line with the process of bringing him to a place of enlargement or fullness.

Psalm 105. Verses 10-24 remind us of the constraint of the feet of Joseph, until the time of release.  Feet released synonymous with agility, movement, relocation.

Similarly the famine constrained the Patriarch Jacob to Canaan.  I often wondered how the place of promise and inheritance, called Canaan now ossified into a place of dire famine.  Selah! The previous and divine injunction to Jacobs’ Father and Grandfather was ‘not to go to Egypt.’   Egypt in this dispensation has been come a place of providence.

In Egypt Joseph (the DREAM) is alive.  When Jacobs’s sons brought back word to Jacob that Joseph was alive, it was clearly recorded in Genesis 45 verse 26b that Jacob’s heart fainted, be believed them NOT.  The heart of the man fainted because; his heart had been broken and sorely disappointed, how many nights of agony, or longing for the return of the DREAM…Joseph.  Joseph that was a cursor of the future.

In the meantime Joseph had sent wagons and cart loads of provision for the journey of his father and the brothers to Egypt.  Goshen was waiting for them.  The Bible clearly records that in verse 27  when Jacob saw the carts his heart revived. There is a place for ‘seeing carts!!!’  that is both convincing and reassuring.  It encourages faith and its revives the heart. Its causes us to do cartwheels, no pun intended!!!!!

So Jacob leaves for Egypt but via Beersheba (Genesis 46 verse 1).  Beersheba the place of oath, the place of revelation, and the place where God visits again, and reassures Jacob of the ‘way of the spirit’ is to go to Egypt and the added benediction that Jehovah will make you ‘a great nation there’.

In Egypt God increased his people greatly (Psalm 105 verse24). He added to them, they multiplied; the prophetic name of Joseph was fulfilled in a most unlikely place and a most unlikely time.

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  1. Love the Blog and love the Jacob – Joseph interpretation and unintended “pun”! May carts bearing His divine provisions of sustenance for the last leg of the journey be our portion as this year runs out. May we all do cartwheels of joy – or at least the electric boogie woogie, as God revives our fainting hearts. Blessings!

  2. Insightful! Well done

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