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Christian Authors Forum/Authors Meeting/ Destiny Image

Notes (2010) compiled by Alero Ayida Otobo

It started as an Instruction to the Founder of Destiny Image. The Lord said “Publish my Prophets”

Publish the “Now” word; Publish my “given messages” through ordinary people – pastors, laymen. People with messages from the Lord; Men and women with a word from God.

Destiny Image goes from nation to nation looking for “Now” words. The reason they are visiting Africa is because the Lord directed that they should publish His word coming out of Africa. The Lord said it is “Time to Release the Voice of Africa”.

The Authors’ Forum is to give tips on writing and marketing.

Words of Advice

Books are a result of what God has been saying over time. God is speaking all the time – the question is whether we are hearing.

Writing is a vital part of every ministry. Only good readers can become good writers/authors. Writing helps you to live beyond your time – to live in future generations.

Do whatever it will take to hear the “Voice of the Lord”.

What You Must Avoid:

  1. Avoid the “default” mode. The Body of Christ needs a fresh word – not a photocopy
  2. Stop writing if the Lord has stopped speaking. Once “downloading” has stopped stop writing.

What You Should Do:

  1. Take Notes
  2. Record your thoughts; record your “talking”
  3. These are all raw materials. A book is a package of all raw materials
  4. Before you package your book you have to identify your genre – is it emotional, Inspirational, Theological? Avoid doctrinal, fiction, poetry, biography (if you are a first time author)
  5. Don’t be too academic
  6. Our books are meant to help people know the God of the Word. Many people know the Word but do not know God.
  7. Write your Table of Contents first. The Table of Contents is like a spine. It also keeps you focused and keeps you from going astray. To write a good book you must 1st have a Table of Contents.
  8. Religious terminology is for a religious audience. So avoid terminologies that your audience cannot understand. Don’t confuse religiosity with spirituality.
  9. Its a partnership – Destiny Image and yourself. The anointing of the author is to receive the Word of the Lord; the anointing of the publisher is to package that word
  10. Just being spirit led is not enough. You have to research and there must be documentation. You have to give the right foundation to your book. There must be proper documentation.

How to Write the First Chapter:

The 1st chapter must be a very captivating; hope giving chapter.

Have the main theme well developed throughout the book. A “bridge” must connect one chapter to another. There must be a thread connecting and running through the chapters.

Editing and Proof reading:

Editing and proof reading are vital. It must be professionally done. But before it gets to Destiny Image you can (or should) do some editing first. The condition is that you have ideas and must be willing to have it worked on by Destiny Image, by professionals.

Importance of titles:

The title is vital. The title should say what the book is all about. You can have a title and sub-titles.

Publishing a Book:

A publisher is not a printer. A publisher cares about the message; the printer does not.

A publisher distributes; a printer does not.

Rights Management

The owner of the copyright is the author. The role of the publisher is that of supporting and launching the author. Publishers and authors need to share their anointing – need to work together to get the book packaged and out in the market. Publishing always involves distribution – worldwide distribution.

Publishers guarantee visibility (not necessarily sales) but cant make sales without visibility – good cover, good layout, good paper.

Last Words

It’s time for Africa to feed the rest of Africa and the World; Time to release the Voice of Africa.

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