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Of Skipping, Sliding, Stepping and Song

Amazing how time flies

We are definitively and fully in the Advent season. The number of ‘windows’ popping open on my son’s Toy Story 3 advent calendar, is a clear sign that Christmas is HERE.  The Tree is finally up at the Vicarage too; my son skipped service yesterday to dig the tree from under the steps but he will certainly not be skipping Christmas (and no more services)

It has been quite a few weeks since the Vicar, Parishioner and the Builder’s House Gala evening guests were spotted on the dance floor of the Shirley Parish Hall doing the electric slide, all for a noble cause no doubt. Our first Parish Fund Event, we are taking deliberate steps, towards moving the Church to a more permanent location.

Apart from the generous giving on the evening, we also collected Promises from our guests as part of Micah Challenge ‘What’s Your Promise’ campaign to get our government to step up her commitment to half global poverty by 2015. We will be presenting your promises to Gavin Barwell MP Central Croydon in January, 2011 (he has pencilled it in his diary).

We were at the Houses of Parliament- House of Commons Committee Room 6- as guests and part of the Mighty Men of Valour’s ‘Your Sperm, Your Responsibility’ campaign. Builder’s House cares about community, cares about Croydon and we connect in very practical ways with the issues that affect the people. Tomorrow we will be having a conversation with Boris Becker… oops Johnson, (as my son corrected me) as part of the Mayor of London’s Community Conversation event.

On Sunday we will be at our local hospital in the Children’s Ward singing Christmas Carols and handing in and not handing out (for health and safety reasons) gifts that the Pebbles (our Children’s Church) helped to wrap last Sunday. Tunde ‘Canon’ Afolabi-Brown not only compiled the list of Choristers but also carols! We have asked he sings in very low tone as his attempt to sing whilst he took the offering last week brought a wave of laughs and protest from the Parishioners and a squeaking sound from the amplifier.

We love Croydon and always keep Croydon in our prayers. Croydon may have the highest number of STI cases in Europe, but she also has a Bishop who blogs (The Anglican Bishop of Croydon, Bishop Nick Baines). In the Bishop’s latest blog ,  taking the “X out of X Factor” he markets to fellow bloggers a  down load of   ‘Sorry it is a NO’ video by blues/jazz musician Tim Hain

So as you count down to Christmas do replace the X in Xmas with Christ...And keep Dancing….

The Vicar….keeping it simple

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  1. A timely, inspiring, funny and gently compelling reminder of the real meaning of Christmas. Love it Pastor Abby! (Egege – xoxo)

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