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"We hence feel very privileged both as mothers and Children's ministers to be part of God’s plan for the next generation in The Builder's Pebbles" -- Lola Sijuwade (Head, Children's Department)
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The Builder's Pebbles - Children’s Ministry, Builders House

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significant part of the bible depicts an irregular relationship between God and His people. A trend is continuously repeated where one generation serves Him and the next does not. A closer look at this shows that one of the reasons for this trend is the failure of the previous generation to reveal God to the next.

In the book of Joshua, we see that Joshua makes a monument to God when he crosses the Jordan. This was in order to explain to the children who would ask what these stones mean about the wonderful thing that God had done for His people. It is important to God that the next generation hear of Him.

In the New Testament we see how Jesus calls for the children to come on to Him and not to hinder them. He also said that when we welcome little children in His name we also welcome Him.


The vision is to impact the next generation with the knowledge and awareness of God so that they can learn to love and worship Him and also in turn make him known to their next generation through power and wisdom from God.

So far...

The Builders Pebbles consists of children between the ages of 2.5 to 11 years.

Some of the children who come early enough with their parents to church on time to set up for the various departments, help with the setting up. For example they press the button for the projector screen to come down, or help to bring the snacks for children’s church.

The pebbles also get involved in Praise and Worship with the congregation. They are encouraged to dance and sing along with musical instruments some of which are handmade. They also have ribbons which they wave around. One of the older kids is learning how to drum and occasionally drums during worship. Another older kid is learning how to play the piano and hopes to join the worship team one day.

After praise and worship, the children then go out for children’s church. We have so far been led to reveal God to them through interactive bible teaching, arts and crafts, watching biblical animations, singing and dancing. We have 2 classes: 2.5 to 7 yrs (under 7’s) and 7 to 12yrs (over 7’s). The classes themes cater for each age group.

Under 7’s have been taught about Daniel in the bible and can also say the Lord’s Prayer. They also know songs about the books in the bible. .

Over 7’s have been taught about a relationship with God through prayer and reading the bible. They know the Lord’s Prayer and the Ten Commandments. They also know how to open up to certain scriptures in the bible.


The pebbles also occasionally do presentations for the church.

For Christmas 2009, the pebbles praised God in cheerleading style.

For New Year 2010, they had a fancy dress party. For Mother’s day and Father’s day they sang poems and presented handmade cards.

The latest event was the Pebbles Got Talent show in which they demonstrated various talents like dance, arts, football skills, hula hooping, cooking and saying the Lord’s Prayer without a mistake.

God was glorified. The pebbles have also been involved in fund raising events for charities.

They rose over £100 for World vision for the children affected by floods in Pakistan by giving away cakes in Whitgift Shopping Centre, Croydon for any donations.

They have also done fancy dressing and decorated biscuits to raise funds for charities in the church.

Challenges and testimonies

A previous challenge was getting the attention of children of such a wide age group from 2.5 to 11 yrs. This has been rectified by splitting the class to under 7‘s and over 7’s.

Another previous challenge was lack of volunteers. This has also been resolved and a rota has been derived.

We thank God for these testimonies.

We recently held a children’s department meeting for future visions and orientation of our new youthful volunteers. We are currently in the process of obtaining CRB checks on all our lovely volunteers.

We are also in search of a children’s bible with pictures that has all biblical scripture so that the children can open up verses and enjoy the pictures. The only children’s bibles that we have come across so far either just have the stories with pictures or all the scripture but no pictures.

We pray for God’s wisdom and blessing for this.

Future events and visions

We would also like to involve the pebbles in more public events such as charities. We would like the pebbles to be involved in fund raising events for World vision, Great Ormond street hospital, UNICEF etc.

Our previous vision for the children to be more biblically aware is being established praise God! Through God’s grace we intend to continue along this line to lead to children to begin to read the bible on their own.

We also by God’s grace want to talk to the children about giving of themselves to God through tithing.

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