Builder's House

"And how HE amazes us again and again with a prophetic Word at the right time, indeed this year is the Year of the King, the Unusual, Restoration, Transformation and Divine Order." -- Debola Debo-Aina
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The Prayer Team (Pastoral Team)

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The intercessory team or prayer team is part and parcel of the pastoral team it is one of the most rewarding part of the Christian ministry but unfortunately is it one that people run away from because there so much fear and misconception attached to it. But if we constantly remember that we are to share each other’s burdens and troubles (Galatians 6:2, 2 Timothy 1:7), we therefore have no reason to be afraid or runaway from intercession. We will be fulfilling Christ’s law and walking in obedience.  No one walking in obedience with Christ has ever suffered loss.

To God be the glory, for all the great things that he has done in our midst in the past one year, how he has faithfully answered all prayers, both small and great Even though the Lord has been faithful to us on all sides, the call to us is to come up higher, and this is what is forming the basis of my vision for the intercessory group of the Builder’s House.

The Vision:
  1.  The Bible says we are a kingdom of Kings and Priests (Revelations 1:6). Therefore, I pray each and every member of the Builder’s house will be a priest, who will be able to offer sacrifices (prayers) without prompting onto the Lord.
  2. That each and every member according to 2 Peter 2: 5 will be a living stone and a spiritual temple. That is, individuals that are filled with the word of God and a refuge to others around them.
  3. An intercessory group that is so vibrant according to the word of God in Luke 18:1, not as Pharisee to show off, but as living stones. My prayer is that we will be able to have a 24/7 prayer group.
  4. That is why I said that the intercessory group is part of the Pastoral team. A group that is constantly lifting up the hand of the Pastor, as we see in Exodus 7: 10-11.
  5.  Where night vigils will be the norm, whether for the ministers or the congregation, not the exception. Therefore my prayer is that God will give onto us our own building.

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