Builder's House

"Redeeming our Community, Can we still dare to hope or even believe that our present society can experience a turnaround or even a revival? Yes we can!!!" -- Tunde Afolabi-Brown (Church Administrator/Head of Outreach).

Builder's House Outreach Ministry - Embrace the vision

Reaching out to the lost

Our vision is a determination to turn around the lives of people by practically demonstrating the everlasting and encompassing love of our Lord Jesus Christ through the message of the cross. We are passionate about developing lasting and fulfilling relationships with regular non-church members of our community. One of our goals is to equip God’s people for effectual evangelism in a manner that best fits their peculiar traits and talents. We know God cares for everyone and longs to reach out to them using His people in an organised and dynamic, bible believing church. With God’s love shed abroad in our hearts and through help of the Holy Spirit, we offer a helping hand and ray of hope to whoever is in need. Rom 5:5

What the Church means to us

We believe the true church consists of a group of committed, holy and God loving people. If the church must impact the city there must be consistent, steadfast instructing and preparation of God’s people for His work. This ambition can be realised through the unrelenting, undiluted teaching of God’s word as well as through focused training forums and symposiums. In this way people will be emboldened to hone and sharpen their spiritual gifts. The more equipped believers are to carry out their ministerial assignments, the greater the impact they will have on society.

The bible clearly declares in Matthew 19:26 that ‘For God, all things are possible’. The secret to unlocking the peace that our society eagerly yearns for is complete repentance from sin and a strong belief in Jesus Christ. We endeavour to build a purposeful church that will reach out to all segments of our society in order to change our community with the good news of God’s everlasting love. We now invite you to ponder on how God can use your gifts and essence to impact positively on Croydon with the gospel of our Lord Jesus as you are prepared and geared towards fulfilling the God’s divine call on your life.

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