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"This summer the youth department has grown rapidly. Not only have we become more involved in church, but we know one another better." -- Mena Williams
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Boulder's Ministry (Young People)

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We have undertaken a Youth day where we were in charge of the praise, worship and sermon. Being the first youth service, it was a success which bodes well for future youth led services. As our involvement in the church increases we hope to increase the amount of youth services there are. The format would be the same as normal Sundays, however it would all be strictly youth led.

The return to university of undergraduate youths in September, means that we are not always constant in numbers. This also means that weekly Sunday meeting are not always possible. However in the summer we can up the ante on meetings and activities as a group. It would be in this period that I would suggest that we have two youth services. One in July, and another mid September. This would give enough practice and bonding time.

Another aspect of our department is the charity work we intend to take up. We have not yet had the time or number to put this to effect. However I have been in contact with a youth charity called teen challenge. This is a Christian ministry where troubled teens are rehabilitated in a Christian way. One of the things we can do to help them would be to visit their centre in Ilford Essex, so that we can understand how they work and just mingle with the teenagers there. We can also lend our services to their soup kitchen in Brixton where they feed the homeless. Feeding the homeless is something we can take on right before Christmas so that our presence in the community is felt. We could either do this in Brixton or help out at a more local homeless shelter.

Besides youth days and charitable work, I feel that as a group we need to all know one another on a friendship level because it makes us freer in working with one another. It also means that we can get the best out of one another. When we know better we do better. One way to effect such a friendship would be to organise leadership days where we do the whole gamut of outdoor bonding activities. Activities such as go carting, rock climbing, camping, paintballing, rock climbing and the like. I believe when we have these things in our calendar it gives us something to look forward to. A more short term method to making the youths know one another would be to allocate one Friday or Saturday in a month were we meet up and just have some good clean young people fun. I believe that as this becomes more frequent we will have many ideas especially in where we see us going.

A more pressing issue as it is October is that Christmas is around the corner. Ending the year with a youth and pebble carol Sunday may just be our latest project. In a way the youths are the older siblings of the pebbles and therefore it should prove no problem in joining forces for an event. I have been liaising with Sister Lola and some of the youths regarding this specific project and so far it's sounding inspiring.

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